“Cold water survival” e-learning module is intended for theoretical training of marine ships’ crew members and offshore personnel, working in conditions of frigid climate. E-learning module is developed in accordance with “A POCKET GUIDE TO COLD WATER SURVIVAL IMO”.

E-learning module is the electronic textbook on one or more topics of special disciplines. Theoretical materials are accompanied with drawings, diagrams, photos, animations and video clips.

The textbook include a section for self-checking.

E-learning module software is designed for the operation in networked computer classrooms. With the help of the specialized software there is a possibility of launching and closing form Instructor WorkPlace the E-learning modules on all Student WorkPlaces.

Electronic pages of the textbook can be used as multimedia posters.

Standalone version is intended for the use on the board of the vessel for introductory training and briefing.

E-learning module content:

  • Characteristics of human body,
  • Hypothermia,
  • Ship abandonment,
  • First-aid treatment for injured persons,
  • Injuries from cold.
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