Knowledge evaluation software

Knowledge evaluation software are developed with the use of “Delta-Test” shell (toolkit) and includes both questions from “Delta” database and specific questions, which can be developed on customer’s order, taking into account specific of its activity.

Training video can be shot on the customer’s or at the work place in the shore based subsidiary of the company.

Training video targets:

  • effort to attract new personnel,
  • familiarization of new staff with company activities and structure, demonstration of the company vessels
  • successful training for advanced and safe company practices and operation methods,
  • demonstration of unique processing operations

Animated clips allow replay some dangerous scenarios, which leaded to tragic consequence before. Animations can be developed for crew members and shore based personnel in order they could be trained how to avoid such situations or properly act, if they occur.

Animated clips targets:

  • familiarization of new crew members and shore based subsidiary’s personnel with vessel construction specific elements, equipment and fittings,
  • replay of happened accidents and incidents,
  • simulation and modelling of possible dangerous situations and occurrences,
  • effective training of staff in advanced and safe company practices and operation methods.

E-learning modules

E-learning modules can be developed or chosen from the Library, taking into consideration types of vessels, character of the company business, personnel job titles.

E-learning modules targets:

  • Crew members pre-voyage training,
  • Briefings onboard and onshore,
  • Crew members theoretical training onboard.

Training video and animated clips, E-learning modules can be used in shipping and crewing companies, in training centers and educational organizations for training and knowledge evaluation, as well as for onboard briefings and training. Training and knowledge evaluation stored results are confirmation of company activity applicable to increasing of workplace safety level and refresher training of company personnel.