The platform is the convenient tool, which allows to user:

  • to form database of testing tasks distributed by competencies of a certain category of specialists;
  • to create automatically copies of distributions of the knowledge evaluation software, which are web-applications containing information from the formed database;
  • to rule the licenses on the right of using of the knowledge evaluation software;
  • to update of knowledge evaluation software.

The platform contains the following web-applications:

  • Workplace of Methodist, by which the testing tasks’ database is formed and which consists of the testing tasks’ designer and competencies’ and editors of specialists’ categories and competencies.

Workplace of Administrator, which allows maintaining the database of license and creating copies of distributions of knowledge evaluation software.

The Server provides the work of the platform, storage of databases of testing tasks and licenses, as well knowledge evaluation software’s updates.


Knowledge evaluation software allows to run:

  • comprehensive testing of a candidate for all competencies related to his position, with reflect to particularities of his work, for example, designated duties, use of certain type of equipment, etc.
  • specific testing of candidate for one or more competencies in the field of knowledge.
  • testing by the own tasks, created by the Examiner.
  • additional testing to specify knowledges of candidates for one or more competencies.

Two types of reports of different degrees of details are generated at the end of testing. The reports contain the testing conditions, scores – total and by the each competency, as well candidates’ answers. The reports are kept in the archive with the searching feature, with the possibility of export into pdf-file and printing out.

The knowledge evaluation software contains the following web-applications:

  • Workplace of administrator, which allows to register new users and initiate of database’s update.
  • Workplace of examiner, by which testing tasks are issued and new ones are created.
  • Workplace of candidate, where he passes the testing.

The Server provides the work of the knowledge evaluation software.

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STORM has developed a platform for creation of knowledge evaluation software