Multimedia 3D stand «Virtual ship. Crude Oil Tanker» is intended for the use as an educational tool during training:

  • by the program «Theory and Ship Construction»;
  • by the course «Basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations» in accordance with
    Section A-V/1-1 STCW Code (Table A-V/1-1-1, Competence «Contribute to the safe cargo
    operation of oil and chemical tankers»).

The stand allows to get knowledge about:

  • general arrangement and construction of a crude oil tanker and location of the key elements –devices that are important for cargo operations and safety;
  • location of firefighting equipment;
  • terminology related to the oil tanker.

The stand includes the following parts:

  • 3D model of a crude oil tanker,
  • detailed 3D models of key elements with photos and descriptions,
  • general and fire plan, schemes of liquid cargo handling system, gas return system, etc.

The user can move from the 3D model of the key element to the location indicated on the schemes and back.

The stand can be used both for providing lectures by a teacher and self-training

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STORM Sim developed a new software for basic training of crude oil tanker personnel