3D stand “Virtual ship” is intended for the use as training means in accordance with STCW Convention. 3D stand “Virtual ship” may be used during training on the programs “Theory and Ship Construction”.

3D stand “Virtual ship” allows:

  • to become familiar with the ship’s architecture, including placement of the main ship parts (upper works, houses. Bilge and between decks premises etc)
  • to study the placement of the ship’s elements:
    • ship spaces;
    • ship survival craft and life-saving appliances, as well as fire prevention means;
    • engineered security and transport safety equipment;
  • to become familiar with the description of ship construction elements;
  • to receive terminology knowledge n ship construction.

3D stand “Virtual ship” consists of:

  • Electronic ship plan;
  • 3D ship model;
  • Interactive menu.

3D stand “Virtual ship” can be used during lectures, performed by instructor, as well as during individual training of the student.

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STORM SIM has developed 3D stand “Virtual ship”