E-learning module “Cold Water Survival” new version (2.0) has been developed by STORM SIM in accordance with IMO MSC.1/Circ.1185 30.11.2012 “Guide for Cold Water Survival”.

In accordance with sub-paragraph 14.1.3 of IMO Resolution A.1024 (26) GUIDELINES FOR SHIPS OPERATING IN POLAR WATERS “All of the ship’s officers and crew should be made familiar with cold weather survival by training or self-study of course material or publications”.

E-learning module “Cold Water Survival” is primarily for seafarers and intended for the use in maritime educational institutions, training centers and on ships operating in polar waters. E-learning moduleincludes information, helps if anybody is unlucky enough to fall into cold water, or has to enter it in an emergency, or has to use survival craft in cold conditions. It also provides information, which will help seafarers, trained as first-aid providers, to treat those rescued from cold conditions.

E-learning module it is the electronic textbook on one or more topics of special disciplines. Theoretical materials are accompanied with drawings, diagrams, photos, animations and video clips.

Content of E-learning module “Cold Water Survival” version 2.0:

  1. Cold water hazards and their effects
  2. Actions prior to abandoning the ship
  3. The survival phase: in a survival craft
  4. The survival phase: in the water
  5. The rescue phase: guidance for those engaged in search and rescue
  6. Unconscious casualty
  7. Treatment of people recovered from survival craft
  8. The apparently dead
  9. Summing up

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STORM SIM has developed new version of E-learning module “Cold Water Survival”