Both e-learning modules «Navigation and Sailing directions» and «Earth’s magnetic field and its use in navigation» are intended to train navigators in accordance with Chapter II of STCW Code.

ELM «Navigation and Sailing directions» content:

Navigation and its role and place in ship’s operation:

  • The purpose and objectives of the discipline. Level of training.
  • Place of navigation among other sciences of ship’s operation.

Basic concepts of navigation and sailing directions:

  • Shape and models of the Earth.
  • Geographic coordinates: latitude, longitude.
  • Difference in latitude (D’LAT) and difference in longitude (D’LONG).
  • Sea direction counting systems. Use of gyrocompasses.
  • Terminology of nautical units of length and speed. Using lags.
  • Range of visibility of landmarks and lights.

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ELM «Earth’s magnetic field and its use in navigation»:

  • Earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic meridian.
  • Magnetic declination. Isogon. Agon.
  • The concept of a magnetic compass.
  • Magnetic compass deviation.
  • Compass points. Magnetic compass error.
  • Determination of magnetic compass deviation.
  • The use of the terms “conversion of the points” and “correction of the points”.

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STORM Sim has developed two new e-learning modules on the basics of navigation