Both e-learning modules «Ship maneuverability» and «Ship handling at anchoring operations» are intended to train navigators in accordance with Chapter II of STCW Code.

ELM «Ship maneuverability» content:

  • General terms and definitions
  • Forces and moments acting on a ship
  • Ship’s maneuvering characteristics
  • Information on ship’s maneuvering characteristics
  • Impact of various factors on course change performance of ship
  • Impact of propeller-rudder system on ship’s maneuvering characteristics
  • Ways to improve ship’s maneuvering characteristics
  • AZIPOD overview
  • Briefly about operation of ship main engine

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ELM «Ship handling at anchoring operations» contents:

  • Anchor gear components
  • Anchor handling operations
  • Safe anchoring operational guidance
  • The choice of anchorage
  • Anchorage calculation
  • Watch Officer duties when approaching an anchorage
  • Preparing for anchorage and dropping the anchor
  • Methods of anchoring the vessel to one and two anchors
  • Buoy mooring
  • Watchkeeping at anchor
  • Weighing anchor and buoy unmooring

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STORM Sim has developed two new e-learning modules on the ship handling basics