STORM SIM, through the network of its distributors, has organized delivery of the new version of GMDSS Simulator to “FSM-FMI & Yap” college (the Federated States of Micronesia)

New version of GMDSS Simulator is intended specially for operation on sensor monitors.

This version of software allows to significantly reduce expenses for purchase of speciallized simulating equipment – mini consoles, and to reduce the delivery period of simulator.

GMDSS Simulator has certificate of Type approval and conforms with the new requirements and standards for GMDSS equipment installed on the ships.

GMDSS Simulator is intended for the use during training of ship personnel in accordance with the requirements of Chapter IV of STCW Convention on the programmes:

  • GMDSS Operator,
  • GMDSS Restricted Operator,
  • Electronic radio engineer of the GMDSS second class,
  • Training of GMDSS Restricted Operators for obtraining GMDSS Operator certificate,
  • Professional training of GMDSS Restricted Operators,
  • Professional training of GMDSS Operators,
  • Professional training of electronic radio engineers of the GMDSS second class.
STORM SIM has installed GMDSS Simulator to college “FSM-FMI & Yap” in Micronesia