In the beginning of 2015 in the leading educational institution of Azerbaijan, there were equipped the following training classrooms for marine ships’ crew members and cadets:

  1. Classroom for training of navigation cadets, in accordance with the requirements of Sections A-II/1, A-II/2, as related to gaining navigation plotting skills, and B-II/1 p. “Training in celestial navigation” of STCW Code. The class is equipped with “NPCNS” Navigation Plotting and Celestial Navigation Simulator.
  2. Classroom for training of ship engineers and motormen in engine watchkeeping, equipped with MER3D Simulator.
  3. Classroom for training tanker personnel in liquid cargo handling operations, including LCHS Simulator and “Advanced Training for Oil tanker Cargo Operation” E-learning module.
  4. Classroom for electronic training of water transport specialists, equipped with E-learning modules Library:
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Training in Marine Environment Security Awareness
  • Training of experts of internal audits of the SMS and the ship’s personnel in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code
  • Use of ECDIS
  • Carriage of dangerous and hazardous substances on ships
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)

Teaching aids were swiftly implemented by the instructional staff of Academy, into educational process. For example, within several days after installation, there were conducted first training lessons with the use of “NPCNS”.

New training classes were demonstrated to the authorities of Azerbaijan Maritime Administration

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (ASMA) is one of the oldest educational institutions and the only unique higher education institute training seafarers in Azerbaijan. ASMA is included in 2000 into the IMO Training institutions list. At the present moment diplomas and certificates, issued by Academy, receive international recognition.

STORM SIM Technologies are applied in Azerbaijan State Marine Academy